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Outtakes: Becoming an Advocate

1948: Footprints of baby boy Coleman

1948: Smile for the camera

1952: Christmas with mom, dad, older and younger brothers

1956: Receiving first communion at St. James church

1956: Birthday party with siblings and friends

1957: Coleman received Cub Scout awards

1965: Students inducted into the National Honor Society
           Year book photo of honor society students at St. James

1962: Visiting a friend's older brother at a Catholic seminary

1962: Family photo of the Colemans

1965: Tom Coleman, Fran Paul and parents before Junior Prom

1966: Coleman's report card as high school senior

1966: Coleman is salutatorian of high school graduating class

1966: Photo from High School Year Book

1966: Year Book photo of United Nations Club members

1966: High school graduation photo

1966: Tom Coleman and Fran Paul before the senior prom

1968: Coleman works for the Observer Newspapers

1968: Coleman as college sophomore at Wayne State University

1970: Coleman graduates from Monteith College

1970: Coleman is top student in first year of law school

1971: Coleman and Ron Darnell in Vegas on drive back to Detroit


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