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Chapter Eleven:  People with Disabilities

1982: Privacy Commission report includes disability issues
           Report of Committee and Aging and Disability
           Disability issues raised in public hearings

1984: Hate crime law includes disability, age, and sexual orientation

1985: Conference presentation on law, sex, and disability

1987: People with disabilities not mentioned in model curriculum

1988: Family diversity Task Force focuses on disability issues
           (see page 75 of report, found on page 36 of pdf file)
           Background report on disability issues
           (see page S-382 of team reports found on page 9 of pdf file)
           Disability issues raised in public hearings
           Marriage penalties for disabled couples (p 33 of pdf file)
           City's response to disability issues (p. 36 of pdf file)
           Public transportation needs (p 6 of pdf file)
           Disability issues part of implementation efforts

1997: Conference provides "think tank" on disability issues


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