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Chapter Fifteen:  The Future

1999: Jordanian females killed by relatives in "honor" crimes

1999: Pregnant teenagers in Bangladesh face high death rate

2000: United Arab Emirates sets death sentence for unwed sex

2000: Forced marriages of Asian girls to be outlawed in Britain

2000: Single women under attack in parts of Nigeria

2000: Pregnant girl to be stoned for having unmarried sex

2001: Unmarried Iranian women lose bid for travel rights

2001: Morality police arrest unmarried couples in Malaysia

2001: Pregnant teenager sentenced to 100 lashes

2002: Women in Nigeria sentenced to death for adultery

2002: Miss World contestants boycott Nigeria over Sharia law

2002: Nigeria faces crisis over Sharia legal system

2002: Dubai court says husband can beat wife

2003: Indonesia to criminalize unmarried sex

2003: Unmarried births may trigger murder of women in Turkey

2003: Unmarried couples fined for holding hands in Malaysia

2005: Unmarried couples caned in Jakarta

2007: Column One: hundreds die from "honor" killings in Iraq

2007: Column One: Unmarried need global human rights monitor


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