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Chapter Four:  Redefining Family

1980: Coleman and others to meet with White House staff

1980: Photo with Rep. Waxman prior to White House meeting

1980: News story about the Commission on Personal Privacy

1982: Privacy Commission: report on family relationships

1982: Executive Summary to final report of Privacy Commission

1984: Two reviews of the report of the Privacy Commission

1985: Coleman's class at USC on Rights of Domestic Partners

1985: Evolution of domestic partner benefits in Los Angeles

1986: Forum on domestic partnerships in West Hollywood

1986: Papers of the Task Force on Family Diversity (1986-1992)

1987: Grants awarded to Task Force on Family Diversity

1987: Reports of the state Task Force on the Changing Family

1987: Coleman's appointment to the Changing Family Task Force

1988: Photo of Family Diversity Task Force leaders at city hall

1988: News story on domestic partner benefits in Los Angeles

1988: Gay papers run stories on L.A. domestic partner benefits

1988: Letter from Councilman Woo to Tom Coleman

1988: PFLAG newsletter on family diversity report

1988: News story: cities begin to study family issues

1989: Letter from Congresswoman Pat Schroeder

1989: LA Times story on the Changing Family Task Force report

1989: New York's Braschi case on the definition of family
           Coleman's friend-of-the-court brief
           Opinion of the New York Court of Appeals
           News story on the landmark ruling

           Advocate: two gay men can be a family
           Letter from Family Service America to Tom Coleman

1989: News stories and commentaries on family diversity
           Daily Journal: new legal definitions of family

           Family Therapy Letter: definition of family expands
           Glamour Magazine: editorial on "Who is your family?"
           LA Times: Coleman op-ed on the changing family
           LA Times: letter to the editor
           NY Times: story on the Braschi case

           NY Times: family redefines itself and now the law follows
           US News & World Report: new kind of spouse in the house

1990: Registering as a family with the CA Secretary of State
           Press packet to announce the new procedure
           Certificates of registration
           LA Times: front page story on family registration system
           Report on implications of registration -- segment 1
           Report on implications of registration -- segment 2
           Papers associated with registration and opposition 
           Sec of State to repsond to Legislative Counsel's opinion
           Analysis of the Attorney General's opinion on registration

           LA Times: best friends register as a family
           Varous news stories about the family registry
           Daily News story about the family registry
           Eagle Forum criticizes the family registry
           Traditional Values Coalition objects to the family registry
           Gay papers praise family registry

1991: Long Beach Family Diversity Project
           News story about the family diversity study

           Final Report:  segment 1  --  segment 2
           Supplements: segment 1  --  segment 2
                                    segment 3  --  segment 4
            News story about the final report

1991: Letter from KCET-TV about a program on family diversity

1991: KCET film on redefining the family

1991: KCET family diversity poster

1991: Letter from LA Times writer about family diversity story

1991: Letter from Senator Roberti about state family task force

1991: Letter from union about LA County domestic partner benefits

1991: Implications of domestic partner registration in San Francisco

1991: Detroit News: gay lawsuits seek to redefine family

1994: Letter from Councilwoman Goldberg about new dp benefits

1995: Letter from AARP about study on nontraditional households

1995: Letter from union about dental benefits for county workers

1995: News story and background materials on county benefits

2006: Column One: battle to define family has national significance

2006: Column One: more cities grapple with definition of family

2006: Column One: cities have opposing views on "family"

2007: Column One: more battles erupt over definition of family


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