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Chapter Fourteen:  The Domino Effect

1970: Dominos tilted by the National Committee (1970 to 1985)

1972: First gay law student association is formed in the nation

1972: American Bar Association has first panel on gay rights

1975: Sexual privacy law reform passes in California

1975: First governor's executive order on sexual orientation

1979: Pryor case: sexual solicitation law voided in California

1979: First fair housing protection for gays and lesbians

1979: Second governor's executive order on sexual orientation

1979: First openly gay judge appointed

1979: First national legal conference on sexual orientation

1984: First state includes sexual orientation in a hate crime law

1985: First law school class on rights of domestic partners

1988: Los Angeles is first major city with domestic partner benefits

1991: First statewide protection for closeted gay workers

1991: First statewide registry for nontraditional families

1999: First national organization promoting singles rights launched

2001: First time a singles group met with all 535 congress offices

2001: First radio spot aired by Census Bureau about single people

2002: First time dozens of governors recognize single people

2003: First informational briefing for Congress on singles' issues
           Full page ad in The Hill invites Congress members to briefing


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