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Chapter Nine:  Employee Benefits

1985: USC class on "Rights of Domestic Partners"

1985: Strategy of Domestic Partners Equity Fund

1985: Domestic partnership bill first introduced in Los Angeles

1986: West Hollywood seeks to improve its domestic partner law

1988: Los Angeles extends leave benefits to domestic partners

1989: West Hollywood hopes to expand domestic partner law

1989: SF Chronicle: voters defeat domestic partner law

1989: Coleman speaks to democratic club about dp rights

1990: Seattle voters to decide domestic partner benefits

1991: Business Insurance: few offer benefits to domestic partners

1991: Village Voice first private employer to offer dp benefits

1992: WS Journal: unmarried couples to get jobless benefits

1993: Los Angeles extends health benefits to domestic partners

1994: Councilwoman praises Coleman for health benefits help

1995: Spectrum Institute report on domestic partner rights

1995: Atlanta attorney thanks Coleman for help with appeal

1995: Partial victory for Atlanta domestic partner ordinances

1995: Special report adapted from Atlanta amicus brief

1995: Request for testimony before Hawaii Commission

1995: Alaska Supreme Court case on domestic partner benefits
           amicus curiae brief filed by Coleman (1995)
           decision of the Supreme Court in favor of employees (1997)
           letter of thanks from the attorney for the employees (1997)

1996: Coleman lectures businesses on domestic partner benefits

1996: Spectrum Institute progress report on domestic partnerships

1996: Letter from union about victory for county employees

1996: Hawaii hearings on domestic partnership rights

1997: Advocating gender neutral benefits at Univ. of California
           materials (1997 to 2002) / news stories (1997)

1997: Philadelphia proposals on domestic partner benefits
           letter to Councilman Ortiz  /  presentation to city council

           memo from Ortiz re informational briefing for council          

1997: Letter from legislator for testimony on dp benefits

1997: Letter from Equality Colorado

1997: Coleman lectures at Self Insurance Institute

1998: Philly Inquirer: Coleman commentary on inclusive dp

1998: Seniors support domestic partner benefits

1998: Religious support for domestic partner benefits

1998: Proposal to NOW on domestic partner benefits

1998: Press packet in the case of Foray v. Bell Atlantic

1998: Letter from attorney in Foray case

1998: Gay paper questions strategy of inclusive dp benefits

1998: Santa Barbara pressured to expand dp benefits

1998: Oakland pushed to include opposite-sex couples
           memo on Oakland's inconsistent approaches
           Photo of Mickey Ayyoub and Sandra Washburn

           Letter from firefighters union on behalf of Al Edwards
           Edwards files complaint against Oakland
           Oakland to give benefits to unmarried heterosexual couples
           Ayyoub set to win battle against Oakland
           Council votes to extend benefits to heterosexual couples

1999: Memo to CA Governor on inclusive domestic partnership

1999: Federal decision in case of Byron Cleves

1999: Letter from Equality Florida re state legislation

1999: Letter from author of domestic partners organizing manual

1999: Request for testimony on dp family medical leave

1999: Push for gender neutral benefits in Cook County

1999: Coleman testifies for inclusive bill in Cook County

1999: Judge upholds same-sex benefits in Foray case

2000: Letter from author of law review article on Foray case

2000: KCET interview on the need to revamp employee benefits

2001: Letter to Virginia licensing agency for unmarried couple

2001: Virginian-Pilot: story about woman's day care license

2002: AASP give workplace awards to several companies

2002: Virginia Business: are companies unfair to singles?

2002: UC Regents extend benefits to surviving domestic partners

2003: Washington Times: story on singles' friendly workplaces

2004: Current developments in work/life benefits

2005: Column One: many singles not satisfied with work/life balance

2006: Column One: heterosexual couples fight discrimination

2006: Column One: heterosexuals cut out of federal benefits bill

2006: Column One: equal benefits spreading despite NY setback

2006: Column One: domestic partner benefits gain momentum

2006: Column One: Globe takes wrong turn on employee benefits

2006: Column One: domestic partner benefits are inevitable

Link to AASP's Singles-Friendly Workplace Campaign

Library One: links to dozens of stories on employee benefits


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