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Chapter Ten:  Blood Relatives

1987: Auto Club members protest marital discounts

1997: Reciprocal beneficiary proposal in Hawaii

1998: Gay paper questions inclusive approach to reform

1999: Letter to legislator about inclusion of blood relatives

1999: Commentary on exclusion of blood relatives from reforms

2002: Bush signs bill allowing Washington DC to give dp benefits

2002: Unmarried relatives excluded from some benefits plans

2004: Whos in and whos not in Vermont dp proposal

2004: Bank of America provides inclusive model for benefits

2006: Column One: looking beyond marriage for equal rights

2006: Vatican ignores San Francisco compromise on dp benefits

2006: Elderly sisters fight British death tax

2006: Column One: unlinking sex from domestic partner benefits

2006: Column One: reciprocal beneficiary laws part of larger battle

2007: Column One: British sisters to appeal human rights ruling

2007: Column One: British sisters continue fight for equal rights

2007: Column One: bills would expand family leave coverage


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