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Chapter Thirteen:  The Power of the Media

1979: Law and the Fight for Lesbian and Gay Rights

1985: Domestic Partners Equity Fund

1985: USC Law Center class on "Rights of Domestic Partners"

1986: LA City Task Force on Family Diversity (1986 to 1988)

1987: Joint Select Task Force on the Changing Family

1988: Correspondence with Lloyd Rigler (1988 to 1991)

1989: Amicus curiae brief in Braschi v. Stahl Associates

1989: Some news stories on family diversity and equal rights
           LA Times commentary

           Glamour Magazine
           NY Times: Braschi case
           NY Times: family redefines itself
           NY Times: marriage versus family approach to reform
           Philly Inquirer: unmarried couples
           Time Magazine: should gays have marriage rights
           US News: a new kind of spouse in the house

1990: Consumer Task Force on Marital Status Discrimination

1990: LA Times: report finds widespread bias against singles

1990: SF Chronicle: standing up for singles' rights

1990: Family registration program with the Secretary of State

1990: LA Times: the word "family" gains new meaning

1991: LA Times: rental denial is upheld on religious basis

2000: AASP advertising campaign on single voters

2000: Radio and television coverage of AASP ad campaign

2000: Newspapers run Associated Press story on single voters 

2001: AASP goes to Washington to lobby on Capitol Hill

2001: Associated Press story on unmarried couples

2004: News stories about Unmarried America   

2005: News stories about Unmarried America (2005 to 2009)      


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