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Chapter Twelve:  Teenagers

1982: Privacy Commission report includes focus on sex education
           (see p. 104 of executive summary)
           Recognizing gay people in the secondary curriculum
           (see p. 4 of pdf file)
           Public hearing testimony on sex education for youth
           (see p. 93 of pdf file)  (see p. 34 of pdf file)

1988: Family Diversity report focuses on issues affecting teens
            homeless teens - p. 33
            latchkey kids - p. 45
            family life education - p. 57
            suicide prevention - p. 58
            prejudice, violence, and human rights education - p. 59
            teen pregnancy and parenting - p. 61
            gay and lesbian youth - p. 61
            youth gangs - p. 63
            Public hearings contain testimony on youth issues
            latina teen sexuality - p. 28
            gaining control of youth gangs - p. 223
            teen pregnancy prevention - p. 17
            gay and lesbian issues in school programs - p. 11
            runaway and homeless teens - p. 55

1988: Family Diversity Task Force team reports:
            education and counseling of youth and parents - p. 327
            homosexuality and sex education - p. 374
            runaways and homeless youth - p. 476

1988: Implementation of Family Diversity report
            schools support proposals affecting teens - p. 5

            district creates gay/ lesbian education commission

2004: Emancipation Projects works to liberate abused teens
            The rescue of Ana (called Emma in the book)
            ISAC Conference for survivors of institutional abuse
            Emancipation Project brochure
            Emancipation Project website

2005: Investigation into Majestic Ranch:
               press release
               executive summary
               full report

               Utah news stories
2005: Proposed legislation by Congressman George Miller
           press release

           Miller bill and suggestions to improve it
           Miller bill passes the House

2005: Brochure: Forgotten Victims

2005: Presentations at Professional Conferences
           Slide show presentation (click to change slides)
           New York child abuse conference
           Photo: Tom and Nora Baladerian in New York
           Photo: Tom and Nora distribute literature in Boston

2006: Montana PBS does documentary on abuse of teens
           (when video opens, click on proper link to play on full screen)


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