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Chapter Two:  From Defensive to Offensive

1973: Coleman and Copilow report on enforcement of P.C. 647(a)

1974: Chet Toy update to Coleman and Copilow Report

1974: LA Times story on police harassment with P.C. 647(a)

1974: Gordon and Coleman file taxpayer suit against 647(a)

1974: Injunction denied in taxpayer suit against 647(a)

1974: Sheriff, police chief, subpoened in 647(a) taxpayer suit

1974: Coleman asks city council to slash vice squad budget (1)

1974: Coleman asks city council to slash vice squad budget (2)

1974: Police spy on occupants of men's restroom

1974: New city attorney Burt Pines changes rules on 647(a) filings

1974: Coleman challenges constitutionality of prostitution law

1974: Coleman challenges racist and sexist practices of gay bar

1975: Coleman and Gordon support People's College of Law

1975: Coleman challenges homophobic remarks of police chief

1975: City Council evenly split on repeal of lewd conduct law

1975: Homosexuals dominate session of police commission

1975: Gays zap L.A. Police Commission

1975: Two Tom Coleman's are L.A. lawyers

1975: National Lawyers Guild gay rights summer project

1975: Muni judge declares 647(d) loitering law unconstitutional

1975: Homophobic conditions of probation (clerk's docket)

1975: Judge Younger orders a stop to homophobic conditions

1975: News story: homophobic conditions of probation stopped

1975: Cautionary instruction asked in one-witness prosecutions

1975: Gay newspaper profiles Thomas F. Coleman

1975: Coleman: what gay pride means to me

1975: Three couples try to get arrested for consensual sodomy
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1976: Invitation to Mark IV "Slave Auction"

1976: Coleman and others wait for "slave" arrestees in jail lobby

1976: Coleman speaks to Mark IV defendants at post-arrest rally

1976: Al Gordon is auctioned off at Mark IV defendant fundraiser

1977: LA Times: homophobic conditions of probation challenged

1977: Judge Tso removes homophobic conditions of probation

1977: Press release: Tso eats crow

1977: Supervising judge changes conditions for other courtrooms

1977: Pryor case: appeals court rejects constitutional challenge

1978: Press release about sexual solicitation case in Ohio

1979: Pryor case: press release about Supreme Court victory

1979: Pryor case: opinion of the California Supreme Court

1979: Pryor case: City Attorney's modification request is denied

1979: Gay newspaper says "solicitation law goes down"

1979: Various newspaper stories on the victory in the Pryor case

1979: Anders case: Supreme Court says Pryor is retroactive

1979: Orange County prosecutor sets Pryor guidelines

1980: Post Pryor cases: battles over the meaning of Pryor

1980: LA County prosecutor sets Pryor guidelines

1980: Coleman and Kohorn write memo on Pryor requirements

1980: Letter from attorney about Massachusetts solicitation victory

1980: Massachusetts Supreme Court cites Pryor as precedent

1980: Challenge to constitutionality of prostitution law
            legal brief
            appeal exhibits

1980-1983: Challenge to constitutionality of sex registration law
           1983: Supreme Court ruling in In Re Reed
           1983: Implications of the Supreme Court ruling in Reed
           1983: LA Times story
           1982: LA Times commentary

           1982: Petition in California Supreme Court
           1980-1982: exhibits showing lower court challenges to law
           1980: Appellate decision in People v. Ripley
           1980: Appellate brief in People v. Ripley

1981: Challenge to solicitation law in Tulsa, Oklahoma

1981: Challenge to solicitation law in Oregon

1981: Letter from attorney about court victory in Oregon

1981: Opinion of Oregon appeals court citing Pryor as precedent

1982: Appeals court invalidates conditions of probation

1984: US Supreme Court hears case implicating sexual privacy

1986: Oral argument in US Supreme Court in sexual privacy case

1993: Spectrum Institute report on the status of sexual privacy

1993: Michigan brief challenging laws invading sexual privacy


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