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But on a more personal level, you brought people together from various disciplines, professions and areas of expertise; infected them with your optimism and energy; and then, perhaps most important of all, trusted them at very high levels of participation, which, in turn, inspired them to levels of accomplishment greater than they would otherwise have achieved. You set the bar high and created a small army of individuals who have continued with confidence and competence to affect the world in a positive way. So the "domino effect" does not apply just to the subject matter, but also to the people who participated with you, no matter what they continued to do in their lives, and to the basic concept of public service.

The book brings back so many wonderful memories! Those were really good times, weren't they! We were in a high learning curve ourselves, and forced everyone to move beyond their comfort zones. And they loved and respected you for that.

The book also shows the emphasis and importance we placed on developing skill in judgment and strategy, which remains a good model for our community today. It seems to be a different world now, one that is impatient, that requires immediate gratification, often to the detriment of long term vision. And that's another important lesson that can be discerned from the book, if the reader is perceptive.

So, again, thank you, thank you.

With love,



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