After the first draft of the book was written, I realized that it was too long. 

The chapter titled "Becoming an Advocate" and the one titled "The Streaker" were interesting, and were relevant to me as an advocate, but they were not directly related to the issues addressed in the book. 

So I decided to remove these two chapters from the printed version, but to make them available as "outtakes" on the website for the book.

I also decided to add additional graphics and photos in the "outtakes" section, noting the page number in the book to which they correspond.

By clicking on the links below, you can access these additional chapters and images.

Outtake Chapters:

Becoming an Advocate
Challenges at home, school and work
bring out the advocate in me

The Streaker
A flamboyant client makes my
first trial an ordeal to remember

Outtake Images:

Click here for a list of images.





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