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"I received the book in the mail at my office yesterday. As I was perusing it last night, I was reminded again of what a debt of gratitude I and others owe you. As the book demonstrates, your ideas and strategies were often ground breaking, if not sometimes substantially before their time." (More)

                 Jay M. Kohorn
                 Attorney at Law
                 Los Angeles, California

The Domino Effect "is an important contribution to our understanding of the history of equal rights advocacy over the past four decades."  (More)

                  Bella DePaulo, Ph.D.
                  University of California
                  Santa Barbara

“This book is an important piece of documentation on the origins of the gay rights movement from someone who was in the trenches of the fight throughout, who engaged with the movement at multiple levels, and who was present for its milestones dating back to the early 1970s.”

                 Craig Konnoth
                 Yale Law Student
                 Member, Board of Directors
                 National LGBT Bar Association

"Tom Coleman has had (and probably will continue to have) an important impact on us here in Michigan." (More)

                 Rudy Serra
                 Attorney at Law
                 Detroit, Michigan

Several Commentaries about The Domino Effect and Its Author:
        -- One of the Pioneers
        -- Defending the Deviants
        -- Working the Governor
        -- We Are Family
        -- How Gay Marriage Was Born

                  David Link
                  Attorney and Writer
                  Sacramento, California



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